About ‘The MVNO Directory’

Authored by Blycroft Publishing Ltd

To be released: June 1st 2006

• Over 200 MVNO profiles of active or imminently launching operations

• Profiles of speculative (but realistic) MVNOs, such as Ireland’s MVNOs

• At least one named individual per profile

• MVNE profiles

• Full contact details

• Market overviews

‘The MVNO Directory – Europe, North America and the Rest of the World’

The wireless carrier world has enjoyed lengthy periods of unchallenged and monopolistic growth around the world. In 1999 The Virgin Group partnered with One2One in the UK and launched what is now looked upon as the ultimate MVNO model. Since then many onlookers have tried to launch their own MVNO operation, some with great success and others with dramatic failure before even announcing their existence to the market. Blycroft Publishing is pleased to announce ‘The MVNO Directory’, the resource where the telecommunications world can find the world’s MVNO details in one place.

We have examined the global MVNO arena and profiled MVNOs around the world. ‘The MVNO Directory’ seeks to put you in touch with the key management and decision makers for hundreds of MVNO operations.

We have researched almost every MVNO and guarantee to provide you with:
• Name of each MVNO profiled

• The physical / postal address of each MVNO

• A central telephone number so you can make contact with the MVNO

• …and crucially, at least one senior named individual per MVNO for you to contact

For most MVNO profiles we have also provided:

• Multiple contacts within the MVNOs’ management teams (we do not provide direct lines or personal e-mail addresses unless published by the MVNO)

• A central fax number

• An overall company e-mail address

• The launch date of each operation

• Carrier(s) (mobile network operator) utilised

• MVNE relationships

• Geographic focuses

• Target markets

• Handsets promoted

• The parent company in charge of each MVNO operation

We have also found additional profile information for some MVNOs, this can include:• Indicative subscriber stats

• Revenue figures

Quality of the Data

Research for ‘The MVNO Directory’ began in March 2006. The primary resources for data gathering are the actual MVNO operations, their parent companies and the carriers and MVNEs used. We have also extracted information from official government and regulatory resources. By closely following a plethora of traditional and new media wireless and non-wireless news resources we fully believe that ‘The MVNO Directory’ can offer all potential buyers peace of mind.

We continually update ‘The MVNO Directory’, when you order you will receive the latest data. If you are still unsure please contact us and ask about our satisfaction guarantee.

What Does ‘The MVNO Directory’ Cover?

Our research has been split into three sections:


North America

The Rest of the World

We have also provided market insights into each region with an overview based upon our own research. Each regional overview will provide you with an insight into the mobile market of that region and the current status of its MVNO markets. In doing so we have also looked into the reasoning behind MVNO outcomes, mainly presented in our regulatory and carrier attitude overviews.

Case Studies

• Virgin Mobile UK – Quoted as the world’s first real MVNO

• TelePlus – The operation behind North America’s Liberty Wireless

• AUSTAR Mobile – MVNO launched to exploit existing subscription customer base potential, the non mobile customers of AUSTAR Entertainment Pty Ltd

Who Should Buy ‘The MVNO Directory’?

• Carriers (MNO) – Aids in researching acquisitions of MVNO operations to enable access to regions where a spectrum license has been turned down or proven too costly to purchase

• Carriers (MNO) – Provides a global insight into the success and failure of MVNOs and allows for research into whether or not a carrier should allow MVNOs on its network

• MVNEs / OSS / BSS / Systems Integrators – Opens up new markets where traditional carriers have lacked interest in their product offerings

• Analysts – Ability to quickly contact senior management to discuss critical research

• Existing MVNOs – Evaluate their own market and further markets for expansion

• Prospective MVNOs – Evaluate the existing and potential market to provide the ground work for a feasibility study

• Emerging Markets Carriers – Contribute towards judging whether to work with a MVNO offering and whether or not to actively seek MVNO partnerships