(MVNOs and Major Resellers from Europe, North America and the Rest of the World)

Publisher: Blycroft Ltd

Published: November 2007

183 pages – active MVNOs, planned MVNOs, rumoured MVNOs

Active MVNO profiles (format + sample) | Planned and Rumoured

2006 Buyers (selection) | Delivery Formats and PricingActive MVNO profiles (format)

All data fields are provided where possible. However, due to the nature of MVNOs it is not always possible to provide complete profiles. The vast majority of profiles contain contact information and management contacts. The majority of profiles provide operational information.

Contact information

– MVNO name

– Telephone number

– Fax number


– Generic e-mail address (where available)

– Postal address

Operational information

– Launch date (month/year)

– Geographic focus

– Parent company name

– Parent company industry

– Parent company URL

– MVNE partner name

– MVNE partner URL

– Billing partner

– Carrier name

– Carrier URL

– Main customer target market

– Additional target market(s) (if applicable)

Management contacts

The directory provides a maximum of 14 contacts per profile, with an average of over 3 contacts per profile. These contacts consist of the senior management team as identified by our researchers. Job title typically include CEO, CTO, CFO, Executive and Senior Vice Presidents, Director of Sales, Director of Business Development – please note that the most commonly listed contacts are in the most senior positions such as CEO. Many MVNOs do not have large management teams and it is often the case that the one manager may perform multiple functions, such as being the CTO and CFO.

We do not provide personal e-mail addresses or direct lines.


Click the PDF links below to access the sample pages:

Sample – AirVoice Wireless (59kb)

Sample – Helio (59kb)

Sample – Virgin Mobile UK (59kb)

Active MVNO profiles (sample and format)