News Article: 10/12/06

UK & Germany: easy Mobile UK is not quite going

Last month we reported that the easy brand had fallen out with its Danish partner, TDC. Subsequently the easy Mobile MVNOs began having their plugs pulled. easy blamed the failed exercise on TDC’s lack of interest in the venture. The German operation has been transferred out of easy hands into Talk line’s by the acquisition of easys 20% stake. Talk line being part of TDC pretty much means that Call Mobile is now a TDC only operation. The easy Mobile Germany service will become Call Mobile and the subscribers should not receive an interruption in service. In the UK, easy Mobile UK is now being called Shimmer bright, but this operation too will close its doors soon, 13th December 2006.

Customers are currently advised as follows

As you may recall, in the UK was set up as a partnership between TDC (the telecom company from Denmark) & easyGroup (Stelios’ investment vehicle). The partnership between TDC and easyGroup has ended. easyMobile in the UK will now be known as Shimmerbright. This will not impact on the network or customer service provided to you. Shimmerbright will close on the 13th December 2006. (Courtesy of Shimmerbright)

So before Christmas the easy Mobile brand will be gone. The easyGroup can come back and partner up with another carrier where ever it chooses. But having failed in the UK, The Netherlands (in July) and Germany, it may be a long time (if ever) that an easyMobile is sold again.

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