Capturing the MVNO Opportunity – MVNO Market & Product Suite Development Strategies


December 2008 (101 pages)

Kashif Amjad (MindCommerce)


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Capturing the MVNO Opportunity: MVNO Market and Product Suite Development Strategies evaluates opportunities for both emerging and established mobile virtual network operators to offer highly targeted products and services. This publication determines the product portfolio strategy based on key factors including competition, company differentiation, market segmentation and channel strategies. The publication also assesses the pricing strategy relative to market viability and financial metrics. Additional focus includes risk mitigation strategies and a focus on critical success factors for the MVNO.


While this report will be of interest to anyone involved in the MVNO space, it will be of particular value to the following groups:

– Handset manufacturers

– Existing and New MVNOs

– MVNEs and other MVNO suppliers

– Infrastructure providers and application developers

– Investment bankers and venture capitalist companies


– Differentiated products or markets alone do not mean an MVNO can be successful

– Where is the best source of market research and how to obtain it

– What type of MVNOs are there, set up costs and risks, and margin opportunity cost

– How to find, create and analyse addressable markets

– What is the common thread of successful MVNO start ups and the reason behind failures

– Tips on how to make the product unique and special

– Case studies on successful start ups in mature markets and what can be learnt from them

– Key factors on what will make an MVNO work and what will not

– Key Risks in establishing an MVNO and some mitigation strategies

– What you need to include when designing tariffs and assessing market viability

– How MVNOs can increase their revenue streams in the future

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1. Introduction. 5

1.1 What is your MVNO fundamentally about?. 5

1.2 MVNO Position in the Value Chain. 5

1.3 Business Model 8

1.4 Customer Types – Post-paid versus Prepaid. 10

2. Analysing the market. 12

2.1. Key market statistics. 12

2.2 Obtaining market statistics. 18

2.3 Using Market Statistics Effectively. 19

3. Establishing your target market. 21

4. Drivers for MVNO.. 25

5. Analysing the Competition. 29

5.1 Current Players in the Broader Mobile Market. 29

5.2 ISPs with Mobile Offerings. 31

5.3 MVNO.. 32

6. Establishing a Strategy. 35

6.1 Types of Strategies. 35

6.1.1 Competing Based on Price. 35

6.1.2 Competing Based on Service. 37

6.2 Factors Determining Selection of a Strategy. 38

7. Business Models. 41

8. Determining Product Portfolio. 44

8.1 Product Strategy. 44

8.2 Product Categories. 46

8.3 Devising a Product Suite using Tariffs. 53

8.4 Determining the Price Elasticity. 56

9. Adopting MVNO Channels. 58

10. Presentation of Product Suite. 61

11. MVNO Structure. 67

11.1 MVNO Organisational Functions. 67

11.2 MVNO Architectures. 67

11.3 Infrastructure Building Strategies. 70

11.4 MVNO Engagement Models. 73

12. Economic Analysis. 76

12.1 Financial Metrics. 76

12.2 Pricing Strategy. 78

12.3 Analysing Market Viability. 79

13. Assessing and Managing MVNO Risks. 82

13.1. Analysing Risks. 82

13.2 Risk Mitigation Strategies. 83

14. Critical Success Factors for MVNO.. 86

15. Analysing the MVNO ventures. 90

16. Likely Future Developments in MVNO Market. 95

17. Conclusion. 98

References 101

REPORT: Capturing the MVNO Opportunity – MVNO Market & Product Suite Development Strategies (MindCommerce