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November 2007 (442 pages, 967 entries)


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For the first time this new directory looks at both the traditional wireless carrier market and the mobile virtual network and reseller markets which have made massive in-roads to the Western European and North American markets. Contained within the directory are 712 mobile network operators and 255 mobile virtual network operators and resellers. In total you will find details of 967 operations spread across the world in almost every country.

Our researchers have examined thousands of corporate, media and trade websites, government and regulator data files, official company press releases, financial statements, annual reports and made direct contact with operators on a global basis to enable us to produce this combined directory.

The directory comes as a PDF delivered via e-mail and is available on licence for 1-5 named users, whole departments or on a corporate level which would allow for the PDF to be placed on a corporate Intranet.

The directory contains …

708 mobile network operators (traditional carriers)

255 mobile virtual network operators and resellers

4 satellite operators

With a regional split of …

Africa – 134 operations

… of which 129 are mobile network operators and 5 are mobile virtual network operators

Americas – 266 operations

… of which 203 are mobile network operators and 63 are mobile virtual network operators

Asia-Pacific – 165 operations

… of which 138 are mobile network operators and 27 are mobile virtual network operators

Europe, CIS & Russia – 348 operations

… of which 193 are mobile network operators and 155 are mobile virtual network operators

The Middle-East – 45 operations

… of which 44 are mobile network operators and 1 is a mobile virtual network operator

Worldwide – 8 operations

… of which 4 are satellite operations and 4 are mobile virtual network operators

Profile format

  • Operation Name
  • Brand name of MNO or host network(s) of MVNO
  • Parent company and URL
  • Type of operation (carrier or MVNO)
  • Location of operation
  • Telephone
  • Fax
  • URL
  • Address

(All data is provided where possible*. This directory does not contain e-mail addresses or named contacts.)


Data for the directory has been extracted from both Blycroft’s Worldwide Directory of Mobile Network Operators 2007 (published May 2007 and research H1 2007) and The MVNO Directory 2008 (published November 2007 and research September 2007). All research was completed in house.

Our main sources of data have been the individual operations and their parent companies plus telecommunication groups if appropriate. This process consisted of the examining and documenting of thousands of websites, annual reports and end of quarter financial statements, company press releases, corporate brochures and archives. Regulatory, government and trade organisation publications and websites were also examined along with trade media publications and archives, including our own title, Africa and The Middle East Telecom Week. We also consulted directly with many operations.

* Blycroft Ltd does not accept any liability for inaccuracies in the data or any losses which may result from the usage of the data. By purchasing the directory you accept this term.

The Complete Mobile Directory 2008 – MNOs, MVNOS and Resellers