This conference is the 3rd in the marcus evans MVNO series and will show potential MVNOs how to enter the market successful and current MVNOs how to create a profitable and sustainable business model. This event will provide insight into the operator business case for hosting MVNOs, developing successful partnerships and explore the role of the MVNE in making the MVNO model work. It will assess the variety of MVNOs operating in the market and illustrate through case studies how they achieved the success they have to date. Moreover, the conference will discuss how to successfully differentiate your service offering to drive uptake and profit.

Key Topics

  • Assessing the role of the MVNE
  • Evaluating the critical success factors for building a successful international MVNO
  • Successfully branding your MVNO online
  • Negotiating a contract between an MVNO and an MNO
  • Understanding how operators select and build successful relationships with their MVNOs
  • Assessing the opportunities in the Middle East for an MVNO
  • Building flexible operational architecture
  • Strategies to differentiation your MVNO
  • Assessing the business case for launching an ethnic MVNO
  • NFC and the opportunities this creates for the MVNO market
  • Analysing how convergence is impacting the MVNO market
  • Looking to the future: Next Generation MVNOs
The MVNO Directory 2008 (MVNOs and Major Resellers from Europe, North America and the Rest of the World)