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Published April 2010

293 pages

  • 430+ MVNOs operated by 380 companies
  • 110 active MVNOs new to the 2010 edition
  • 870+ management contacts

What is an MVNO? There are many theories and statements from the mobile industry defining what makes up an MVNO. Technical terms such as minutes of use and spectrum allocation are used in defining true MVNOs. The most straight forward definition of an MVNO is a mobile operator which does not own a physical network. Even that definition has its exceptions but it is the most widely accepted and as such is used for The MVNO Directory.


The theory is, if a company sells a mobile phone service to an end user and manages the relationship with that user (including the processes of billing and marketing) then they are performing the function of the operator. However, they lack a physical existence as they use another operator’s base stations – so they are acting virtually. The operator which owns the base stations is therefore a mobile network operator (MNO) and the virtual company is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO). Using this definition means that mobile service providers are incorporated into the MVNO space.

The MVNO Directory 2010 profiles both MVNOs (mobile virtual network operators) and SPs (service providers). Included in the directory are profiles of 381 companies which in turn operate 433 active operations.

Profiles of active operations consist of the following data points (data provided where possible):

  • Company name
  • Operation name
  • Geographic focus
  • Telephone (mainly switchboard numbers, customer service numbers provided where no alternative was found)
  • Fax
  • URL
  • Postal address
  • Launch date
  • Parent company name / industry / URL
  • Carrier (MNO) partner name / URL
  • Management contacts (named contacts and job titles for 271 operations – usually within the senior management team)
  • Target customer type
  • Service offered (voice / data / M2M)
  • Billing method (pre-pay / post-pay)
  • Messaging offered (SMS / MMS)
  • Roaming status (international)
  • Mobile Internet status

The directory does not include subscriber data, personal e-mail addresses or direct-line telephone numbers. All information is provided where possible. Data gathered for this edition was sourced during February and March 2010 and while we are confident in the accuracy and reliability of the data, Blycroft does not accept any liability for any incorrect data or losses as a result of using the directory. By purchasing the directory you agree to this condition.


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